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Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks ⚡

A 'Quick Task' is a method used to quickly launch a tasks within the software and to start that 'tasks' automatically. This is beneficial as it enables you are launch a task without having to input all of the necessary information manually. A great feature to catch those restocks!

Task Groups

'Task Groups' are a method used to organise your tasks within the software. This is beneficial as it enables you have tasks ready for certain releases. Such as the a Disney release or a PS5 restock.

Carnage Task Groups
Mass Edit

️Mass Edit

'Mass Edit' is used to change the information for all tasks running within a click of a button. This is beneficial as it enables you save time by editing all of the tasks within a few clicks. Imagine doing it manually? 'Mass Edit' saves time.


'Analytics' are used to see the checkout stats of your tasks. These includes tasks which are successful or failed. This is beneficial as it allows our members to keep records of the amount task which are successful or not. Greater organisation enables members to have greater success.

Carnage Checkout Analytics

️Account Creation

A modern upgrade to creating your tasks. Easier, faster and effective.

Carnage Account Creation

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